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This California Woman Revealed The Best Way To Get Free Drinks & It's Not Just By Being Hot

She said the secret is in her "magnetic energy."

Georgia Staff Writer
​A screenshot from Kaylin's TikTok on free drinks. Right: Kaylin in sunglasses with a cocktail.

A screenshot from Kaylin's TikTok on free drinks. Right: Kaylin in sunglasses with a cocktail.

A California woman is sharing her best tips on TikTok for how to get free drinks and she says it's not all about looks.

Kaylin Mally, an LA-based influencer and self-proclaimed hippie, claims she has "cracked the code" and is the most "magnetic" she's ever been in her entire life, and this results in making friends at bars and getting free drinks.

Her first piece of advice in the video shared this summer is to "change your intentions" and to show go places "for fun, and drop the expectations of needing it to go a certain way." This will help take the pressure off any potential social interactions.

She also stresses the importance of the people you choose to surround yourself with on a night out.

"You have to make sure the people you go with have the same open energy as you, if they don't it will block everything. If you go with people that think they're better than everyone and that they're entitled to getting free drinks because of how they look it's not going to work," she explains.

Channeling your confidence is also a major part of the process, Mally divulges. She stresses the importance of holding your shoulders back, maintaining strong eye contact, and keeping your eyes forward to take in your surroundings.

"Make your presence know, but [look like] you just don't really care," she elaborates. "People will notice you when you walk in."


needing nothing attracts everything ;) #needingnothingattractseverything #freedrinks #magneticenergy

TikTokers in the comments have mixed emotions about her advice. Many are concerned with the safety aspect of accepting drinks from strangers and warned against the practice.

One person shared their opinion saying, "Buy your own drinks always bc it’s hot to support yourself!"

Others swear by this technique and claim it's the reason they have luck scoring freebies on a night on the town.

Mally concludes by saying "needing nothing, attracts everything" a mantra that she embodies with the carefree attitude she maintains in social settings. Over 4000 people are loving this vision as per the engagement on her post.

The podcast host and entrepreneur believes that your overall energy and ability to have fun is the most important factor that will get people to come up and talk to you and buy you free drinks.

The Californian hasn't responded to Narcity's request for comment at this time.

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