Two Men Tried To Burn An Immigration Center & Set Themselves On Fire Accidentally (VIDEO)

The flames trailed up their pants as they ran away.

The two unidentified arsonists in the ring video. Right: The fire starting.
Texas Staff Writer

The two unidentified arsonists in the ring video. Right: The fire starting.

Two men were caught on video setting fire to an immigration center in California in an attempt to burn it down, but they accidentally lit themselves aflame in the process.

Ring security footage shows the Servicio de Inmigracion building in Bakersfield, CA, being doused with a liquid accelerant by two hooded arsonists early Monday morning. The captured moment was posted on the center’s official Facebook account.

When one of the individuals lit the blaze, flames instantly engulfed the men's clothing, causing one to run away and the other to flail on the ground in an attempt to put his burning pants out while moving frantically.

The fire was put out after 10 minutes, a 23ABC report says.

However, the incident left the building damaged, causing the service center to close "until further notice," the social media post from Servicio de Inmigracion notes.

The southern California location provides various services to immigrants looking to apply for visas, obtain citizenship, or join programs that will help their daily lives in the Bakersfield area.

"We are a small business, and we help many people, so there will be people who will not be able to receive our services due to inactivity," owner Max Solorzano told the California news station.

Data from the Migration Policy Institute estimates the number of people without a legal immigration status living in Kern County at 69,000, while the 2021 census recorded 407,615 citizens living in the area.

The business created a GoFundMe account to raise money to help pay for the damages to the building.

The suspects have not been identified as of the time this article was published.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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