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How stunning is this spot? Balancing Rock Trail in Nova Scotia leads you to a 235-step staircase that takes you down to a 20-foot tall rock that's balancing over the ocean on a cliff. It's a natural wonder!

In Digby County, Nova Scotia, this 1.7-kilometre trail leads to a breathtaking view at the edge of the water.

If you want to walk the trail and see this sight, it's a bit of a journey to get there.

You have to take a ferry from the province's mainland to Long Island.

Once you make it to the trail, you can wander through woods and wetlands until you reach that 235-step staircase.

Then that leads you down to a lookout spot with views of the beautiful blue water of St. Mary's Bay and, of course, the balancing rock.

It's a narrow column of volcanic rock also known as basalt that's 20 feet tall and weighs 20 tonnes.

The rock balances on its tip at the edge of a cliff over the ocean.

What a feat of nature!

You can even have a Leaning Tower of Pisa moment here and pretend you're holding up the rock or even pushing it over the edge.

Balancing Rock Trail is currently open but if you visit, you're being asked to take special precautions because of the pandemic.

That includes proper physical distancing at all times and good hygiene.

Before going through narrow sections of the trail, you should look ahead to see if people are coming from the other direction.

There are handrails along the staircase and they should be used with caution.

With the Atlantic travel bubble coming into effect on June 3, people from the four provinces on Canada's east coast can move freely within the region.

That means no restrictions.

If you're travelling from another part of the country, you might have to isolate for 14 days after arriving in Nova Scotia.

This interactive map shows you where you can travel within Canada and if there are restrictions in place.