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I Finally Tried Alberta's New Sustainable Meal Kit & Here's What I Thought

Zero waste meal kits FTW.

Contributive writer
I Finally Tried Alberta's New Sustainable Meal Kit & Here's What I Thought

Meal prep kits have taken the world by storm with promises of fresh, local ingredients and now, zero waste. I knew I had to try this trend out for myself when I heard about Fresh Prep's options for just about any lifestyle, diet, skill level and budget.

Based in Western Canada, Fresh Prep is the country's most sustainable meal kit company. They deliver convenient meal options made from high-quality ingredients for working professionals, busy families and anyone looking to improve their cooking skills.

The dishes are easy to make, so you can expect to have a fresh meal for you and your family ready within 30 minutes.

First Impressions

The first step to ordering with Fresh Prep is choosing which meals you want. Right off the bat, I was impressed to see the menu's diverse choices. Each week has a different rotation of 10 meal options, and 50% of those are vegetarian or vegan.

Though I chose meat options, I really appreciated the creativity that went into incorporating vegetables to brighten up the dishes and make them nutritious without compromising on flavour.

What drew me in the most was Fresh Prep's dedication to sustainability. The zero-waste kits came with ingredients inside insulated, reusable containers and reusable ice bags to keep everything fresh. This was all delivered in a reusable cooler bag as well — no cardboard boxes.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

Ordering My Meals

The Fresh Prep website was simple to navigate with clear instructions. Each meal comes with its own enlarged recipe card with thorough directions in numerical order.

I entered my address, contact info, personalized delivery instructions and dietary preferences. I experience anaphylaxis to peanuts, cashews and pistachios, so I felt comforted when assured that both of my meals were nut-free.

After ordering, I was alerted three times: two hours before my delivery time, two minutes before delivery and another when my order arrived.

Each message came with a link to track my order, and it was nice to not be spammed with unnecessary texts.

The delivery was zero-contact, which is a serious perk nowadays.

The Risotto Recipe

When I initially selected my recipes, I wanted to get adventurous while also being mindful of the palates of the two other members in my house. The creamy chicken and mushroom risotto was a perfect option — something new that I was certain my housemates would love.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

As this was my first time attempting risotto, I worried about the skill level required for making this dish. For this reason, I enlisted my grandma as my sous chef.

The detailed recipe card seriously helped. Plus, most of my ingredients were pre-cut and pre-portioned. It took away a lot of the usual stress that comes with cooking.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

Cooking the risotto was estimated to take 22-25 minutes.

The rice was flavourful and didn't require any extra seasoning when served. Both the chicken and the vegetables tasted super fresh, with generous portions for everybody in the house.

Overall, the experience was really fun and rewarding. It allowed me to challenge myself and gave me a little boost of confidence in the kitchen.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

The Chimi Steak recipe

I have a weakness for sweet potato fries, so I was very excited to make this recipe. I started by prepping the chimichurri, fry sauce and veggies. The whole kitchen smelled totally delicious almost immediately.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

According to the recipe card, the steak should have taken about five minutes per side to get the perfect sear. My steaks were a little uneven in thickness, and my pan and stove took a while to warm, so that added on a few extra minutes for me.

I put the sweet potato fries in for 25 minutes to start and finished them under the broiler to crisp them up a little more. They didn't come out super crispy, but learning how to make hand-cut fries is always a win.

I also could've chopped the cilantro and parsley for the chimichurri more finely — it was meant to have a pesto-like consistency — but it tasted good and that's what matters.

Courtesy of Kianni Reynolds-Lewis

Final Thoughts

In the end, I had so much fun with my Fresh Prep meal kits. Despite choosing a complex meal, the whole process was pretty easy — from placing and tracking my order to actually cooking. The food was so fresh and tasty, it was obvious everything every ingredient was super high-quality.

There's a wide variety of unique meals to shake up your routine, and the kit is a great way to bring together the whole family. Plus, I felt great about reducing my waste and supporting local businesses in Alberta.

Next time, I want to try some of their add-on products, including savoury and sweet pies, quick meal curries, smoothies and treats (also from local businesses in Calgary and Edmonton).

New customers can even use the code SCNAR21 for three free Fresh Prep meals.

To learn more about Fresh Prep, visit their website or check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kianni Reynolds-Lewis
Contributive writer
Kianni Reynolds-Lewis is a Staff Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Edmonton, Canada.