Canada Is Loosening Restrictions To Allow More Newcomers Into The Country Starting Today

Canada just kicked off a phased approach to welcoming immigrants.

Canada Is Loosening Restrictions To Allow More Newcomers Into The Country Starting Today

On Monday, June 21, the Government of Canada announced several updates to the country's international travel rules and safety measures. As part of the update, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino shared news for those looking to immigrate to Canada.

"Immigration has been a lifeline and thanks to the measures we've put in place and the progress all Canadians have made in getting vaccinated, we're now able to take the next staged approach in welcoming newcomers as part of our 2021 immigration levels plan," said Mendicino.

"Today I'm pleased to announce that anyone with a valid confirmation of permanent residence, in particular those approved after March 18, 2020, will now be eligible to travel to Canada."

Previously, only foreign nationals who had Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) issued on or before March 18, 2020, were given an exemption from Canada's travel rules.

Arriving in Canada

Now, anyone with a valid COPR can travel to Canada, though they must follow all other health and safety measures and screening protocols prior to entering the country.

According to the Government of Canada, "all people travelling to Canada, including those approved for permanent residence, must comply with the COVID-19 health measures and requirements upon arriving in Canada." This means that new Canadians must follow the "flying to Canada requirements checklist" or the "driving to Canada requirements checklist."

These lists include things like making a plan for safe quarantining once you arrive, getting a pre-entry COVID-19 test, pre-booking your three-night hotel stopover, registering for a COVID-19 test upon arrival, and submitting your details in the ArriveCAN app 72-hours before your arrival time.

When you arrive, your ArriveCAN app, test results, hotel information, and quarantine plans will be assessed by a Border Services Officer.

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