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Internet Famous Ex-Convict 'Wide Neck' Announces He'll Be Playing For The Florida Gators

He'll even be taking on a class load at U of F.

No matter where you come from, everyone has the ability to take the mistakes they've made and learn from them —sometimes even changing the entire scope of their lives with a single decision. While some ex-convicts may struggle to find their footing after serving time, others may find the perfect opportunity waiting for them. It seems that golden opportunity has found its way to internet-famous ex-con Wide Neck, who says he will be playing football at a major Florida University soon.

About two years ago, Charles McDowell gained sweeping fame across the web after a leaked mugshot became a viral meme. McDowell was instantly dubbed "Wide Neck" due to his well...wide neck. The 32-year-old took the name and ran with it. 

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Jacksonville Jaguars Unveiled Top 25 Player List And Fred Taylor Is Not Pleased

The Long-time Jag let his feelings be heard.

By the end of this upcoming season, the Jacksonville Jaguars will have completed 25 years as a professional franchise in the National Football League. Along with the Carolina Panthers, the Jaguars joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1995. 

To celebrate this feat, the Jaguars compiled a list of its top 25 inactive players. The list, according to the team's website,  was "voted on by a panel including members of the local media who covered the team throughout the majority of its existence."

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Despite Being Named 27th Best NFL Player Jalen Ramsey Doesn't Seem Impressed

The Jaguars Cornerback wants some more respect on his name

The upcoming NFL season is fastly approaching. In anticipation of all the pig skin-filled action, the NFL Network released a list of the top 100 players of 2019. The list is voted on by the players themselves. 

When the Jacksonville Jaguars saw that their own Jalen Ramsey was included and among the top 30 players on the list no less, well, the Floridian football franchise could not help but show off their pride. 

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