Once summer arrives, all we want to do is spend our days in our bathing suit swimming with our friends. But there is no need to fly to the southern Caribbean Sea to go on vacation. You can enjoy turquoise water in B.C. at this hidden gem that's like a trip to Aruba.

One hour from Kelowna, or less than four hours from Vancouver, is Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park. It's the perfect city escape that boasts two lakes plus two ponds for you to enjoy.

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Nestled next to a forest, you'll find the two showstoppers — Kentucky Lake and Alleyne Lake. While it might be hard to imagine, they look even more stunning in person.

The long stretches of water are so brightly hued they look like they belong in the Caribbean. All that's missing are the palm trees.

On a scorching hot day, these natural pools are the perfect way to cool off. The water here is a bit chilly, but it does warm up a bit by late summer. 

To get in, you'll need to jump. There is no beach at either lake, but that isn't a problem. You came here to swim, not work on your tan. Just be careful around the edges of the lakes that can be muddy — you don't want to get stuck.

Along the shoreline, there are also ample campgrounds for you to enjoy. They are available to rent until October 5, 2020, and won't break the bank.

Prices range from $18 to 36 per night, for one of the incredible campgrounds next to the water. Considering that's the price per spot, not per person, it's truly budget-friendly.

Just don't book your getaway at the last minute. There are a limited number of places available, so you'll want to claim one ASAP.

It's effortless to turn a weekend here into an unforgettable stay. Between floating in the water, canoeing the coastline, hiking, and camping with your friends, you're sure to have your phone loaded with cherished photos.

Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park

Price: Free

Address: Aspen Grove, BC

Why You Need To Go: The water here is so blue, it almost doesn't look real. 

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We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.