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Black-Owned Restaurants In Florida With Tasty Eats You Can Visit This Summer

Wake up your tastebuds this summer at these amazing eateries in the Sunshine State. These Black-owned restaurants in Florida have incredibly flavorful foods every Floridian needs to try. By visiting these sizzling spots, you can enjoy eats from talented restauranteurs while also supporting black businesses in the community. 

In the wake of protests this past week, many people are looking for different ways to contribute to the cause. Luckily, there are tons of simple ways to get involved in South Florida.

Aside from making direct donations to civil rights groups, you can make a difference monetarily by supporting local Black-owned businesses like restaurants and bars. There are many delicious destinations in Miami you can visit soon to lend your support. 

Check out these seven food joints have mouthwatering menus that are unforgettable. Next time you're in Miami, you can stop by these spots and take a bite of pure heaven. 

Jamaican Kitchen 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Jamaican

Address: 8736 SW 72nd St., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, this fantastic spot has some of the best Jamaican food in Miami. Make sure to order the jerk chicken!

Shuckin n Jivin

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Chicken and seafood

Address: 4759 NW 167th St., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Visit Shuckin n Jivin for the incredible seafood sandwiches and Cajun rice. These spicy bites will shake up your dinner routine.

World Famous House of Mac

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Macaroni and cheese

Address:Wynwood: 2055 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL. and North Miami Beach: 13521 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: Now is your chance to enter a mac 'n' cheese paradise. These gooey, melty, and cheesy masterpieces don't disappoint.

Bon Gout BBQ

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Haitian

Address: 99 NW 54th St., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Grab a bite of Haitian deliciousness at Bon Gout BBQ in Little Haiti. Try the Bon Gout rib sandwich when you go.

ISeeFood Miami 

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Seafood

Address: 16194 NW 27th Ave., Miami Gardens, FL

Why You Need To Go: Calling all seafood lovers, this is the place for you. There's no shortage of spice in these sinfully good Cajun dishes.

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Address: 19934 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Try these authentic Ethiopian eats at this great spot in Miami. The food is just as beautiful as it is delicious. Be sure to order some Ethiopian hot tea with your meal.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Modern home cooking

Address: 19 S.E. 2nd Ave. Suite #4, Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: You'll have a unique experience at Balloo, where home-cooked meals are elevated. Try the jerk salmon and coconut rice.

If you're a huge foodie, put these incredible places on your restaurant bucket list and prepare for serious flavor. They just might become your go-to spots when you're in Miami.

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