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Millions Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Will Be Buzzing Around The Florida Keys Soon

Releasing MORE mosquitoes to reduce the population? 🤔

There are plenty of mosquitos in the Sunshine State, but there's about to be more; at least for a time.

According to a report by the Miami Herald, the Keys Mosquito Control District recently approved a plan to release millions of genetically modified mosquitos over the course of the next year in certain areas of The Keys, to help eradicate diseases.

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infected with Dengue fever this year

The lab mosquitos are expected to mate and produce unviable offspring with the Aedes aegypti mosquitos, which can carry all sorts of diseases from Zika to Dengue fever.

Dengue, in particular, has hit the Keys especially hard this year.

To date, 47 people have been infected with the tropical mosquito-borne disease, all of which have reportedly recovered.

Via Miami Herald

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