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A Woman Spent Over 5 Months Surviving In A Utah Canyon & Was Just Found Safe

Officers believe she knowingly chose to stay in the area for months.

A Woman Spent Over 5 Months Surviving In A Utah Canyon & Was Just Found Safe

After going missing for over five months, a woman was just found safe in Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office (UCSO) says they began searching for the 47-year-old woman after they discovered an abandoned car in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon on November 25, 2020, but they couldn't find anyone nor get in touch with the missing person's family.

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Detectives were however able to get in touch with the woman's coworkers, but they weren't able to figure out where she might be, though they did learn that she had a history of mental illness.

On Sunday, May 2, a UCSO sergeant, in cooperation with a nonprofit aerial search organization, used a drone in an attempt to spot her from the air in Diamond Fork Canyon, but the drone crashed causing them to go searching on foot. While searching through the hills, they spotted what they believed was an abandoned tent, but they were then shocked when the woman emerged.

The woman had lost a "significant" amount of weight and was very weak after eating foraged grass and moss and drinking water from a nearby river for months, so deputies took her to a local hospital so she could be evaluated. Investigators believe she chose to stay out there that long, and they even provided her with resources so she can be more prepared if she chooses to go back to the same area.

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