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Netflix Movies & Series Filmed In Canada You Have To Binge-Watch This Holiday Season

Plus win a trip to visit the Virgin River set in Vancouver!

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Netflix Movies & Series Filmed In Canada You Have To Binge-Watch This Holiday Season

With so much going on during the holidays — shopping, family visits, decorating and all that cooking — it's easy to miss out on the fun. Besides the gifts, gatherings and delicious food, this is the best time to sit down by the fire, pop Netflix on and get some binge-watching done.

For extra glee, you can check out all the shows that you may not realize were actually filmed right here in Canada.

Netflix in Your Neighbourhood has all the best Canadian filming locations rounded up for you. You can even use the interactive map to plan your trip or to recognize all the spots you've been to before.

What’s more: they’ve added five new titles just in time for the holidays.

See if you can spot Toronto in The Christmas Chronicles or Quebec's charming Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in Single All The Way. If you're willing to get out and brave the cold, you could even walk the same paths as the characters.

In celebration of all the new series and films hitting Netflix in Your Neighbourhood this December, Netflix is giving you the chance to win a trip to Vancouver and visit the set of Virgin River.

This behind-the-scenes prize is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans of the heartfelt drama.

It includes roundtrip flights to Vancouver, a three-night stay including breakfast at one of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ luxury Vancouver properties courtesy of Fairmont’s loyalty program ALL (Accor Live Limitless), ground transfers and even some spending money so you (and a very lucky friend) can immerse yourselves in the quaint world of Virgin River (aka various spots around Vancouver, Squamish, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam and Snug Cove).

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

To enter, head to Netflix in Your Neighbourhood and search for the gold gift box icon hidden on one of the maps (hint: look through the titles mentioned in this article). Once you find the gold gift box, enter the film or series title where you found it into the entry form below for your chance to win.

Whether it's in-person visits or recognizing filming locations from your couch, it's a fun feeling to know you've stepped foot in the same spots as your favourite characters.

These are just a few great watches with Canadian locations featured on Netflix in Your Neighbourhood that you can binge (and maybe even visit) this holiday season.

Single All The Way

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Feeling the pressure to be in a relationship over the holidays? You're not alone.

In an attempt to avoid his family's judgment, Peter convinces his best friend Nick to pretend they're dating in this new holiday rom-com Single All The Way — available December 2 on Netflix Canada.

Cuddle up with this festive film and watch as Peter's desperate efforts get turned on their head. Maybe heading into the holidays solo isn't that bad after all!

For any Canadians looking to take a trip to this picturesque locale, Single All The Way was primarily filmed in Montreal and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec.

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Blown Away: Christmas

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Netflix's Blown Away is back, holiday-style. Watch as returning glassblowers beautifully create winter-themed art and compete to take home a hefty cash prize as well as a donation to a charity close to their hearts.

World-renowned Canadian glassblower Katherine Gray and Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk host the show, which is filmed in a huge warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario, with Sheridan College alumni there to assist the artists.

This binge-worthy reality show will get you feeling crafty, just don't try glass blowing at home. Please.

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The Christmas Chronicles

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Get ready to treat your inner child with Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2. Who knew that watching a pair of siblings crash Santa's sleigh would be the ultimate winter adventure?

This magical world is closer to home than you'd think. Many residential street scenes were shot right in Toronto, and you might notice that Saint Nick ends up on a car chase through the city’s fashionable Yorkville neighbourhood.

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Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Netflix Canada's series Maid will have you hugging loved ones a little tighter this holiday season. The story follows single mother Alex as she takes up housecleaning to create a better life for her daughter.

Any West-Coasters feel right at home watching Maid? Although being set in Washington State, the mini-series was primarily filmed around Vancouver Island. There are a ton of scenes taking place on B.C. ferries and beaches with ocean shots galore.

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Virgin River

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Small-town romantic dramas are what the holidays are made for. Netflix's Virgin River delivers all the warm and fuzzy feels while also showing off Vancouver's stunning lakes, rivers and sprawling forests.

To celebrate the release of Virgin River, Netflix Canada is offering fans the chance to win an exclusive visit to the season five set in Vancouver with all the fixings.

The winner and their guest will stay at one of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ luxury Vancouver properties (with breakfast included) courtesy of Fairmont’s loyalty program ALL (Accor Live Limitless), roundtrip flights to Vancouver, ground transfers and $500 CAD spending money. To enter, check out the entry form below.

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The Queen's Gambit

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Ever thought that Toronto could pass as Kentucky? It sure does in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit. If you haven't already watched the story of Beth, an orphaned chess prodigy, spare some time over winter break and get obsessed.

You'll see a ton of spots in Toronto and Cambridge, Ontario, that fill in as Beth's school and department store in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

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Motel Makeover

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Sauble Beach, Ontario, is a super popular vacation spot in the summer, but you can still get those beach-town vibes wherever you are with Netflix's Motel Makeover.

Watch in awe as two millennial entrepreneurs completely transform an old lakeside inn into the cool ‘70s-inspired June Motel.

The pair also do some swanky decor shopping in Creemore, Ontario. Take a trip to any of these Canadian filming spots, or even stay a night at The June Motel, and experience Netflix IRL.

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The Umbrella Academy

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is prime holiday-binge material. Settle in and watch as this dysfunctional family of superheroes tries to overcome their differences and solve the mystery of their father's death.

Those familiar with Hamilton, Ontario, will recognize the many filming spots in the city. Keep an eye out for the historic Dundurn Castle, Hamilton's City Hall and the retro ‘60s diner, Breezy Corners.

An hour's trip east will take you to the stunning interior of Toronto's Elgin Theatre, which hosted a ton of Vanya's violin performances.

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Always Be My Maybe

Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and press play on Netflix's Always Be My Maybe to enjoy all the drama that comes with old flames, falling outs and hometowns this holiday season.

With views of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver does make a pretty good stand-in for San Francisco. The bulk of this rom-com was filmed in the city's upscale restaurants (Nightingale and Glowbal make appearances), Vancouver Art Gallery and Chinatown.

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It's no secret that Canada's stunning landscapes and charming city streets make for some of the best sets on screen. Thanks to Netflix in Your Neighbourhood, visiting the same spots where your favourite show was born is easy to do.

You deserve all the good feels this joyful season has to offer. Take a minute away from all the holiday madness and indulge your festive spirit with these binge-worthy films and series on Netflix Canada.

To learn more about Netflix in Your Neighbourhood, check out the website or follow Netflix Canada on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Portions of this prize are courtesy of Accor Live Limitless and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ loyalty program ALL - Accor Live Limitless (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Courtesy of Netflix, @harryjohnson92 | Instagram

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