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You Will Have To Buy A 'Kananaskis Conservation Pass' To Enter K-Country Starting June 1

There were over 5 million visitors last year alone.

You Will Have To Buy A 'Kananaskis Conservation Pass' To Enter K-Country Starting June 1
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On Tuesday, April 27, Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon announced a new fee that will apply to all vehicles entering Kananaskis country.

The fee will cost $15 per day and $90 for an annual pass. Nixon said that 100% of the money from the passes will be going right back into Kananaskis for things such as services, amenities and infrastructure.

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Conserving, preserving and improving the future of K-Country – April 27 at 1 pm www.youtube.com

He said that two in three Albertans supported these fees, which will begin on June 1, 2021. He mentioned that this fee is less than what it costs to access Banff and Jasper.

Local MLA, Miranda Rosin, said that increased visitation has led to illegal parking, traffic jams, litter, and more. "We must all do our part to make sure that this special place stays special," she noted. She claims that this will make Kananaskis the largest continual protected boreal forest in the entire world.

Nixon also announced that $11.5 million will be allocated for improvements in K-Country including $1 million for upgrades on the Canmore Nordic Center.

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