After catching some Z's after having a little too much to drink, one drunk Edmonton cop was forced to face the heat.

According to a disciplinary hearing released Monday, August 10, Const. Roxanne Heppner got suspended for 60 hours after RCMP found her asleep and intoxicated in the passenger seat of a parked car.

She provided a single breathalyzer sample after 16 attempts from RCMP to obtain one.

Edmonton Sun

Officers woke Heppner up and noticed the smell of alcohol in the vehicle; a fob to start the car was in her purse and she was identified from her driver's license, EPS badge, and police ID.

After a breathalyzer test found her blood alcohol level to be 0.15 mg percent, Heppner was suspended and fined $1,000 plus a $300 victim surcharge.

The car also had a worn-out tire, a damaged side mirror, and was parked at a local pub.

Via The Edmonton Sun
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