Some people are so determined to socialize that a fine isn't going to stop their party in B.C.

On Friday night, August 21, Victoria Police (VicPD) broke up a party of 40-60 people and charged the host with a $2,300 fine.

Officers advised the host and guests that the party was over.


Shortly after midnight the next day, or early Sunday morning, August 23, officers returned to the very same apartment where they found a second party with 15 people.

All but one of the guests were "compliant" when cops asked them to scatter; the other was charged with a $230 ticket because they "refused to cooperate and leave"

VicPD previously told Narcity that these tickets were the first they'd issued after new anti-partying fines were introduced and that they're possibly the first in the province to enforce it.

*Photo is used for illustrative purposes only.

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