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Going to a hotel and enjoying all of the amenities isn't exactly at the top of anyone's to-do list this year. However, there's a Nova Scotia house for sale that features some of those familiar vacation comforts. That includes a huge outdoor pool and even a bar!

The property at 47 Paces Ln. in Roseway, Nova Scotia has the kind of features that you might think only exist in a massive, multi-million dollar mansion.

That's not the case here, though.

This 2,830-square-foot home comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and has those touches that would totally make you feel rich. However, it's on the market for a modest $299,900.

The house has its own above-ground pool plus tons of deck space, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

On top of that, the house also sits on a 2.39-acre lot, meaning that the giant backyard can be used for some pretty epic games of capture-the-flag and other sports.

There's also a cleared area in the surrounding woods that is home to a small barn, which would be perfect for a private workshop.

That's not all, though. The house is also just a five-minute walk from Roseway Beach, giving you an opportunity to enjoy even more time in nature.

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After a day spent outside, the interior of the house is the perfect place to unwind.

In the gigantic basement, you'll find a space that's perfect for curling up and watching some movies, plus a custom-built bar and room for a pool table.

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The second floor features an absolutely amazing master bedroom, complete with a walk-in closet that includes laundry, as well as a breathtaking en-suite with a giant shower. It also features an extraordinary ocean view.

Further upstairs are two more bedrooms, plus a den that can be used as a home office.

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This gorgeous country home may not be located in a bustling downtown area, but it's got all the comforts of a metropolitan hotel, so you can have the best staycation all year round!

Mini-Hotel By The Beach

Price: $299,900

Address: 47 Paces Ln., Roseway, NS

Description: This home provides all the comforts of a fancy hotel, but costs less than $300K. Not bad, eh?

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