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House For Sale In Nova Scotia Has A Beach In The Backyard & Costs Just $150K (PHOTOS)

You can't get more "beachside" than this!

It doesn’t get much closer to the beach than this! There’s a waterfront house for sale in Nova Scotia that practically has the ocean in its backyard, and it’s on the market for less than $150,000. With a wrap-around deck and a brand-new balcony, this place is a true nature lover’s paradise.

Just when you thought it was impossible to have a whole beach in your backyard, this property is here to prove you wrong!

The house is so close to the water you could probably dive in directly from your window, and make sandcastles on your doorstep if you wanted to.

The dreamy home is located on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, which has been described as one of the seven wonders of North America.

Unsurprisingly, this place comes with extraordinary views of the bay, and it has been recently renovated to make the most of these jaw-dropping surroundings.

According to the listing, the house has a brand new wrap-around deck and balcony, perfectly placed to maximize the Atlantic landscape.

Inside, you’ll be amazed at the size of this place. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, you won’t be short on space in this mini-mansion!


If you’ve ever dreamed about waking up to the sounds of crashing waves and whale songs, look no further.

One of the bedrooms comes complete with direct access to the balcony, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee while breathing in the ocean air and searching for sea life.

If that wasn't enough, you'll also be able to enjoy 2.5 acres of land with your dream home. Not bad, eh?


While the property has totally priceless views, it comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Right now, this place is on the market for just $149,900, which is so much cheaper than most downtown city homes.

In fact, Nova Scotia is home to a number of mega cheap mini-mansions. If you're looking for a bargain, Canada's Ocean Playground is the place to be!


With four large bedrooms, an idyllic waterside balcony and an actual beach in your backyard, this house is a dream home opportunity like no other.

Affordable Beachside Home

Price: $149,900

Address: 4532 Nova Scotia Hwy. 2, Economy, NS

Description: Take beachside living to a whole new level with this dreamy waterfront home in Canada's Ocean Playground.


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