Nova Scotia Has So Many Mini-Mansions For Sale & They All Cost Less Than $250K (VIDEO)

Beachside mansion, anyone?!
Nova Scotia Has So Many Mini-Mansions For Sale & They All Cost Less Than $250K (VIDEO)
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The cost of housing varies by province, and what you can get for $250,000 in one place, might be very different to what you could get in another. While some houses for sale in Nova Scotia are surprisingly cheap, they're also deceptively huge and impressive! If you're looking for a mini-mansion on a budget, look no further.

While you can score remarkably-priced houses almost anywhere in Canada, some regions just seem to offer a little bit more for your money.

In places like Toronto and Vancouver, regular houses and condos can sell for upwards of $1 million, while places like The Seabound Coast have incredible properties on the market for less than half of that.

Whether you've got $250,000 in your back pocket, or whether you've got less than $100,000 in your house budget, there are so many awesome opportunities in Canada's Ocean Playground.

From huge, historic homes to mini-mansions just moments from the ocean, this province is chock-a-block with amazing properties that have tons of potential.

While New Brunswick has previously proved that it has plenty of affordable mansions on offer, Nova Scotia not only has the homes for sale but also the views.

If a beachside chateau has always been on your radar, prepare to be inspired!

232 Main St.

Price: $175,000

Address: 232 Main St., Middleton, NS

Description: This historic house has been in one family for generations but is now on the market. With four huge bedrooms, two bathrooms and a 2.5-acre lot, this dreamy green property is a real steal. While it requires a little updating inside, it's still seriously impressive. It's even got an old "servant’s quarters" that's just waiting to be converted!

[image 5ed56a5c54fcae65d31e7ab3]

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622 Hwy 335

Price: $99,000

Address: 622 Hwy 335, West Pubnico, NS

Description: Just minutes from the nearby harbour, this house is just 500 feet from the ocean. With four large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a gigantic open kitchen, this 1,800-square-foot property has so much to offer.

[image 5ed55c9b04a51665db94c72d]

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4924 1 Hwy

Price: $115,000

Address: 924 1 Hwy, Salmon River, NS

Description: This "Second Empire-style" house was originally built as a hotel, but has all the potential to be an incredible home. It features four bedrooms, one bathroom and a stunning ocean view, too!

[image 5ed55de554fcae65d31e78ed]

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3316 1 Hwy

Price: $199,000

Address: 3316 1 Hwy, Belliveaus Cove, NS

Description: With six bedrooms, two bathrooms and an unbeatable seaside view, it's hard to believe this unique property costs less than $200,000. There's an attic which offers even more space and opportunities to expand, and the sunroom means you can make the most of the gorgeous surrounding views.

[image 5ed561d904a51665db94c7da]

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8351 St. Croix Cove Rd.

Price: $110,000

Address: 8351 St. Croix Cove Rd., Hampton, NS

Description: This five-bedroom, two-bathroom farmhouse has awe-inspiring views of the Bay of Fundy, and is situated on 12 acres of land. In the garden, there's a "babbling brook," fruit trees and flowering shrubs, so it's a true nature lover's paradise.

[image 5ed5638954fcae65d31e79bb]

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65 Valley Rd.

Price: $220,000

Address: 65 Valley Rd., Wilmot, NS

Description: This place is deceptively large, and has four bedrooms and one full bathroom. There's a huge deck outside that overlooks the oversized garden, and so much outdoor storage. It's newly decorated and requires almost no work at all. Impressive!

[image 5ed5645a04a51665db94c84e]

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2797 Sissiboo Rd.

Price: $169,000

Address: 2797 Sissiboo Rd., Barton, NS

Description: This is an amazing opportunity for a buyer on a budget. This four-bedroom home comes with four acres of land and a "baby barn." There's also a large living area, a sizeable kitchen, a den and a main-floor laundry room. Also, the street name is simply awesome!

[image 5ed5653355f7db65cd4ebdfb]

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3358 Hwy 1

Price: $240,000

Address: 3358 Hwy 1, Belliveaus Cove, NS

Description: When you consider the size and location of this place, it's amazing how cheap it is. This beachside home has a whopping five bedrooms and five bathrooms (three full, 2 half), and overlooks the beautiful St. Mary's Bay. There's also a huge loft on the third floor, which the listing describes as a perfect "book zone."

The views don't get much better than this for less than $250,000!

[image 5ed566c554fcae65d31e7a50]

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1045 Hwy 1

Price: $199,000

Address: 1045 Hwy 1, Little Brook, NS

Description: This oceanfront home comes with two acres of land, which leads directly from the back yard down to the seashore. Inside, there's four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a spacious kitchen and sun porch that stretches across the front of the building. There's also an attached gazebo and a fire pit area. Dreamy!

[image 5ed5679854fcae65d31e7a6c]

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22 Washington St.

Price: $115,000

Address: 22 Washington St., Bridgetown, NS

Description: While it could do with a little TLC on the outside, this blue house is decorated to a high standard inside. For less than $120,000, you'll get four bedrooms and two bathrooms, spread across two and a half storeys. There's also a huge foyer, kitchen, living and dining area and an office, with spare space to expand even further.

[image 5ed5691754fcae65d31e7a8f]

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8142 3 Hwy

Price: $228,000

Address: 8142 3 Hwy, Tusket, NS

Description: This cute property has serious castle vibes, and it's almost the size of one, too! With five bedrooms and five full bathrooms, this historic home overlooks the spot where the Tusket River merges with the ocean. It also comes with over 11 acres of land, most of which is wooded and private.

[image 5ed573d304a51665db94ca69]

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1562 Hwy 201

Price: $189,900

Address: 1562 Hwy 201, Annapolis Royal, NS

Description: This spacious four-bedroom, three-bathroom abode has an expansive downstairs living area, which comprises a main floor office, country kitchen, laundry area and full bathroom. While this house is already a steal at less than $190,000, it also comes with a priceless view. You may need to update it a little inside, though.

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