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You Can Get Neon Colored Coffee & Teas At This Orlando Cafe

Find your creative spark!☕
Orlando Cafe Qreate Coffee Has Bright Neon Colored Teas And Drinks

Florida is filled with creative people looking to showcase their talents to the world. And what better way to kickstart your own creativity than with a delicious cup of coffee? This Orlando cafe, Qreate Coffee, has combined the two to make a super-dynamic space where all your wild ideas can flourish.

Sitting in the heart of the Mills 50 district near downtown Orlando, Qreate Coffee combines a good cup of joe with an open studio space for Orlando’s artists to use.

The drinks themselves are full of artistic flair, and some are such bright, neon colors, it feels like a rave in a cup! The Purple Pearl, for example, a taro latte over their house expresso, has a bright purple color that draws in your eyes and your stomach.

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The traditional mocha drink is also taken to another level here with the Midnight Mocha, which uses charcoal and a dash of coconut to enhance the flavor and color.

You can also sip the Wasabi Rose, a creative drink that is made up of pistachio and rose milk poured over espresso.

The best part about Qreate's menu is that most of these creative drinks are under $6.

You can sip colorful coffee and work on art projects by taking advantage of the professional lighting and backdrops in the studio for $50 an hour.

Plus, there's free WiFi, so you can bring your laptop and get to work over creative drinks.

So get those creative juices flowing, literally! Qreate Coffee is the perfect spot to be inspired, get work done on your passion projects, and sip colorful and delicious drinks.

Qreate Coffee + Studio

Address: 1212 Woodward St., Suite 1, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: These neon-colored coffees and teas will inspire you to work on your own creative endeavors.

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