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Orlando Blogger's Crafty Sidewalk Bar Gets Dinged By Police

This innovative sidewalk table caused quite a stir!🍻

Brendan O'Connor wanted to find a creative solution to a unique problem. He saw that bars and restaurants in Orlando were having a hard time expanding outdoor seating during the pandemic. He came up with a solution in the Socially Distant Table, but it nearly got him in trouble with the law.

"I'd seen a lot of our local bars and restaurants struggle with outdoor seating during the pandemic," O'Connor said in an exclusive interview with Narcity.

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You Can Ring In Fall With The Most Mouthwatering S'mores At This Orlando Spot

A gooey, chocolatey delight perfect for fall!🍫🍂

Florida is full of shops serving up treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The City Beautiful is no exception, with numerous outlets that bring a new level to the dessert world. One Orlando cafe, The Ganachery, serves up massively decadent and mouthwatering s'mores that are perfect for the autumn season.

The candy shop is found at Dinsey Springs and is a dessert lover's paradise, offering up a bounty of specialty chocolates that totally makes it live up to its tagline of curing the common chocolate.

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You Can Get The Most Decadent Hot Chocolate Creations At This Orlando Cafe

It's chocolate heaven!

Nothing says cozy quite like hot chocolate. While The Sunshine State is known for its year-round tropical temps, this warm, sweet drink is enjoyed by many Floridians. One Orlando cafe, Los Authenticos Cuban Cafe, serves up a massively decedant hot chocolates that'll totally get you in the holiday spirit.

Tucked within the many shopping centers of East Colonial Drive, Los Authenticos has carved out its own place in Orlando's hot chocolate arena.

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6 Orlando Cafes For The Yummiest Matcha Desserts

I love you so matcha!🍃💚

How matcha do you love matcha? If it’s enough that you’re looking for a new place to satiate the carving for everything sweet and green, then this list is for you. This classic Japanese flavor can now be found in a multitude of desserts with delicious modern twists. There are tons of mouth-watering spots to check out, and with this list of the yummiest Orlando cafes to get matcha desserts, you can plan the perfect matcha day.

From green ice creams to overflowing puffs to delectable macaroons, these matcha desserts will totally have you ordering seconds.

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You Can Get Neon Colored Coffee & Teas At This Orlando Cafe

Find your creative spark!☕

Florida is filled with creative people looking to showcase their talents to the world. And what better way to kickstart your own creativity than with a delicious cup of coffee? This Orlando cafe, Qreate Coffee, has combined the two to make a super-dynamic space where all your wild ideas can flourish.

Sitting in the heart of the Mills 50 district near downtown Orlando, Qreate Coffee combines a good cup of joe with an open studio space for Orlando’s artists to use.

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This Orlando Restaurant Serves Up Massive Sweet Candy Pizzas

Massively sweet pizzas that will put any sweet tooth to rest!🍕

No matter what you're craving, pizza can almost always satiate any kind of appetite. From savory to sweet, you can dress it up or keep it simple, but always delicious. If you're looking for a new kind of pizza to treat your taste buds to, this Orlando pizzeria takes the classic pie to a whole new level.

Called Pie-Fection, this pizza shop specializes in one-of-a-kind creations, adding toppings you wouldn't normally think would be added to a pizza.

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