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A bride in Orlando, FL, who also happens to be a pastry chef, made her own cake for her wedding day and she even decorated the treat in full hair and makeup. However, even though she does this for a living, social media users seemed to be split on the final result.

On TikTok, the bride's hairstylist (@thomasadriana) uploaded a video of the woman, Lilly, working hard to get the dessert together.

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DoorDash is getting roasted for how they pay their delivery drivers. A Florida woman revealed on TikTok that she was paid $2.50 for an order receipt over $1,300.

The Orlando driver (@twylasworldd) was doing what she thought was an average task on the job, and when she arrived at the pizzeria, she was in for quite the surprise. She was assigned to deliver 83 pizzas and people in her comments are replying that DoorDash didn't compensate her properly.

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The holidays are around the corner and Universal Studios in Orlando has new treats to fill your stomach — some are adults only!

From rich chocolate shakes to mouthwatering sandwiches, there are items for all ages to taste! You can't forget about the cocktails they're serving that fit right in with the festivities.

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There's a new hidden bar in Orlando, FL, and it's not your typical speakeasy. Taco Kat opened on October 18, and not only are they a spot for Mexican cuisine, but they've already seen star-studded customers like NFL's Buffalo Bills players.

The restaurant looks like any other place to get fresh tacos until you start to see people walking into a freezer and out of a vending machine.

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Major Florida cities qualified for the Michelin Star list this year, and, now, the guide came out with their top recommended places to eat, including the best brunch restaurants in Orlando.

On September 8, the website revealed their favorite weekend spots to go to, and some are even Guy Fieri-approved. A couple received Michelin recognition, while others were added to the list for their unique cuisines and flavorful items.

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