'Top Chef's' Jeremy Ford Spilled The Secrets Of His Miami Michelin Star Restaurant

There's a seat at the table for all types of foodies here. 🍽

Chef Jeremy Ford in his "Top Chef" uniform. Right: Chef Jeremy Ford at Stubborn Seed.
Florida Associate Editor

Chef Jeremy Ford in his "Top Chef" uniform. Right: Chef Jeremy Ford at Stubborn Seed.

@chefjeremyford | Instagram, Grove Bay Hospitality Group

Florida cities finally made the Michelin Star list this year, and Chef Jeremy Ford's Miami restaurant, Stubborn Seed, was one of 15 establishments that was awarded recognition.

Ford is no stranger to winning, as he won Top Chef Season 13.

"Top Chef was a huge moment for my career because it allowed me to take the next step as a chef and use the national recognition I gained from the show to help put Miami’s culinary scene on the map," he told Narcity.

In 2017, he opened his restaurant in the Magic City, which has thrived ever since, ultimately earning him a chef's most coveted acknowledgement. He shared his reaction in this Instagram post.

Located in a little neighborhood, South of Fifth, Ford created a community environment in his kitchen. He expressed to Narcity what makes his venue as unique as it is...and there's a seat for everyone at the table.

"Our biggest secret is that every single team member at Stubborn Seed, from the dishwasher to the general manager, has a voice in our restaurant," he said. "A dish can be conceived by anyone, if it’s good and highlights the Stubborn Seed quality then we’ll add it to the tasting menu and see how guests react."

Customers must react well because his restaurant has been featured on TruTV's Fast Foodies, as he is the host, and it has seen the likes of Modern Family's, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, as well as comedian, Natasha Leggero.

The menu is affordable for the average joe, as well. Chef Ford tells us that "you can really just grab a seat at the bar, order a cocktail and eat a few dishes off the a-la-carte menu."

Stubborn Seed offers that menu every night, but on Friday's & Saturday's, it's the tasting menu only.

Stubborn Seed

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Seasonal American

Address: 101 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: It's Michelin-rated and led by a Top Chef winner. It's also consistently featured on delicious cooking shows... need we say more?

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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