An Illinois DoorDash Driver Got Arrested During A Delivery & The Cop Handled The Job For Them

It's giving "protect and serve" a whole new meaning.

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A cop delivering food. Right: A Wendy's drive-thru.

A cop delivering food. Right: A Wendy's drive-thru.

When you order food for delivery, you never really know who will show up at your door. It came to one Illinois family's surprise to find out that it was a police officer. Yes, he was on duty, but he had already arrested the suspect of the crime...the DoorDash driver.

This officer gave "protect and serve" a whole new meaning. A TikToker, (@amanduhh8), uploaded her doorbell Nest video a day ago, which has already gained 4.3 million views, showing the cop finishing the delivery task.

He's seen waiting at the door and talking to the voice messenger app through the Nest cam when the husband answered the call.

"Did you guys order some food from Wendy's?" the officer asked the husband who responded from work.

He said his wife could have and called her to answer the door. Upon answering, the policeman handed her the fast food bag and explained what happened.

"Did you order some food?" the man in uniform questioned her. After her confirmation, he added: "Ok. The driver ended up getting arrested. So, instead of having the food sit in the car, we dropped it off for you."


what a sweet pea 🤣💗 i was wondering what was taking so long! lmao

Viewers couldn't help themselves in the comment section.

"At least the cop was nice enough to bring it," one user commented and received 31K likes.

Many were in disbelief that the cop didn't eat it and knew where the customer lived.

Others started to speculate different scenarios. A viewer said, "the way I would’ve frozen and just pretended nobody has ever lived there before."

Someone else imagined that the creator had ordered food to satisfy the "munchies."

Though it is unclear why the driver was arrested, the creator replied to some of her audience that she left a big tip and is unsure if she will receive the money now.

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Florida Associate Editor
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