This US City Has The Second Worst Traffic In The Entire World & It's Not New York Or LA

London has beaten it by one hour.

Texas Staff Writer
Cars and busses on a road. Right: Cars in traffic on a highway.

Cars and busses on a road. Right: Cars in traffic on a highway.

Heavy traffic makes anyone want to yell out in frustration and utter, and a recent study found one city in the United States to be a nightmare for drivers worldwide.

INRIX's yearly Global Traffic scorecard complies vehicle travel data from over four years, which is then put into various rankings like highest traffic delays, economic cost, and even the amount of hours lost stuck in a jam.

Surprisingly or not, Chicago, IL was found to have the second worst traffic in the world, right behind London, UK (No.1); and the absolute worst in all of North America, surpassing infamously congested cities like New York City, NY (No.4) and Los Angeles, CA (No. 9).

The Illinois metro is regarded as the U.S.' third most populous metro, with a bustling population of 2.7 million Chicagoans traveling to work and enjoying the culture of downtown.

Data shows you can add that to the commuters from the surrounding states driving into the Windy City for work each day, and you have the perfect recipe for some of the worst traffic cases, with a total of 3 million traveling cars.

So, it's no wonder why the scorecard data reveals that Chicago drivers lost a whopping 155 hours of driving in 2022. It's just one hour less than Londoner's 156-hour loss.

Sorry, Chicago. It seems the traffic jams could only be getting worse, as INRIX says there was a 49% change in its worst traffic rankings since 2021.

Well, happy travels, everyone!

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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