A Guy Walked Through A Basketball Game For A McDonald's Delivery & The Comments Are Gold

"We were always told to play hungry..."

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A guy carrying a McDonald's bag at a basketball game. Right: A McDonald's takeout bag and fountain drink.

A guy carrying a McDonald's bag at a basketball game. Right: A McDonald's takeout bag and fountain drink.

A guy is making headlines after he caused quite a stir at a college basketball game on Wednesday night.

The man, who is described on the TV broadcast as an Uber Eats driver, was seen walking onto the court as a basketball game was going on.

In the video posted to Twitter, the guy is seen wearing a yellow sweater and carrying a McDonald's bag and a drink when he walks onto the court as a ref tries to get him to go away.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it happened during a game between Duquesne and Loyola Chicago at the UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse on Wednesday night.

The bizarre moment played out in the middle of the game and even the TV broadcasters got into it with some priceless commentary.

"Is he going to deliver the McDonald's to somebody on the court... can we rule that out?" one commentator is heard saying in the video while another says, "maybe I'll put my hand up, I'm getting a bit hungry."

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after the game, Duquesne coach Keith Dambrot called it the "craziest thing" he’s ever seen.

“I just saw the video after the game. Our guys were dying laughing in [the locker room]. Guy had a job to do. He did his job well," he said in the interview.

Some people who have seen the videos are trying to piece together what happened, while others are just straight-up loving the hilarity of the situation.

Professional basketball player Kieron Achara tweeted: "We were always told to play 'hungry' so I guess they had enough."

Others are suggesting the guy should be given a Super Bowl commercial.

Another Twitter user declared the man deserves a raise for trying to make the alleged food delivery no matter what.

Uber Eats was clearly loving all the press, but wouldn't confirm if he actually was one of their employees.

Others are posting videos from different angles.

One video shows the guy walking around, possibly trying to find the customer of the food delivery.

Austin Hansen, an athletics assistant director at Loyola, shared another angle of the random guy from the sidelines.

He also speculated the incident was a prank as a microphone can be seen on the guy's shirt.

A Post-Gazette reporter later tweeted that the McDonald's was ultimately delivered to its intended recipient.

Prank or not, the videos and the comments are still hilarious to watch!

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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