A TikTok Bride Made Her Own Wedding Cake For Cheap & It's Either Brilliant Or A Big 'Joke'

"Y'all hating but she just saved like $700."

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Laura Saxe bakes a wedding cake on TikTok.

Laura Saxe bakes a wedding cake on TikTok.

A frugal bride is getting roasted on TikTok for her cost-saving wedding hack after she baked and assembled her own giant sprinkle cake using Betty Crocker mix and heaps of icing.

User Laura Saxe has been posting bride-to-be tips on her TikTok for several months, but her DIY cake solution has proven to be a little too homemade for many people.

In the video, she walks her followers through the process of buying and then baking several layers of cake using Betty Crocker batter and sprinkle mix.

The TikTok also shows Saxe icing and assembling the whole thing on the night before her wedding, in a stunt that likely saved her hundreds of dollars.


Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea 😅🤪💋

"How beautiful! You rocked it!" Betty Crocker wrote in her replies.

But many others have been tearing into Saxe's handiwork on the platform, where her video has racked up more than 3.7 million views.

"Why did I trust the process," wrote one of the top commenters.

"This has to be a joke," wrote another.

"Looks like more for a birthday," said a third user.

"I can hear your guests judging," added yet another of Saxe's many critics.

Others defended her, with one pointing out that he doesn't remember the cake at any wedding and another estimating that she likely saved $700.

"Y'all so worried [about] the wedding and not the marriage," wrote one defender.

Saxe acknowledged in her caption that it maybe wasn't the "best idea," but she also defended the DIY project in a later post.

In her follow-up video, Laura quotes the critics who described her cake as a "joke" and then shared the professional photos from her ceremony.

"I'm sorry Ms. Jackson... I am for real!" Outkast sings in the song accompanying her clip.

Although people gave her a hard time in the first video, they were definitely more supportive after seeing how it all turned out.

"This is the cutest idea!!! Expensive cakes are overrated," wrote one woman on TikTok.

"I kinda like it that it's not 'perfect' in shape or professionally done," wrote another. "It's done from the heart and 10x more important."


“You’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke” shoutout to my photographer, Kim for slaying 😫💥❤️ #weddingdiy #diyweddingcake #sprinklecake

Saxe's page includes several other tips for pulling off a wedding on the cheap, such as buying flowers from Costco or assembling the decor for the ceremony.

So if you're looking for a few cost-cutting wedding ideas this season, she just might be able to sprinkle her magic on your own special day!

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