A Wedding Photographer Shared 3 Signs A Couple Won't Last & TikTok Is Split Over The Video

Can you spot the signs of a doomed marriage on day one?

A U.S. wedding photographer says you can notice cracks in a relationship as early as the wedding day, and her list of the biggest red flags is going viral on TikTok.

Shayla Herrington says another photographer pointed out the warning signs to her and she doesn't necessarily believe them all, but some of them certainly rang true with others online.


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The first red flag involves the family photo shoot: "One of the spouses will take more than three family photos without the other spouse."

"This one kind of makes sense to me," she added. "You might get a few alone with your mom and dad, but to kick [the spouse] out of more than three photos just seems a little suspicious."

The second red flag has to do with the wedding party: "The bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse while they're getting ready or doing toasts or anything," she said. "That's typically because they don't like them."

Finally, the third sign of trouble is that one spouse "will spend more time with friends or family at the reception rather than their spouse."

The video has gone viral and TikTok users have chimed in with their own experiences.

"Yep. My EX husband didn't spend time [with] me at the wedding and his groomsmen didn't even say hi to me at all," says the top comment with more than 1,300 likes.

"My ex husband wanted to spend time with his brother on our wedding night and not me," another added.

"Wedding photographer here: YEP," read one comment.

Others argued that you need to spend time with your guests at the reception, and that sometimes you have big families that require more than three group photos.

"You're supposed to also be a good host," one user wrote. "I spent my whole wedding running around making sure everyone was having fun."

Other users added their own red flags, such as tension with the new in-laws or smushing cake in the spouse's face.

Of course, none of these mean a marriage is totally doomed from the start.

"All three occurred at mine," one user wrote in the comments. "20 years and [we're] still good."

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