A Photographer Says These Are The Signs An Engaged Couple Won't Make It To Their Wedding


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A couple during their engagement photoshoot. Right: A wedding photographer explains the signs a couple won't make it in a video.

A couple during their engagement photoshoot. Right: A wedding photographer explains the signs a couple won't make it in a video.

While an engagement photoshoot is a big milestone couples take before their big day, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll go through with all of it on their wedding day.

Shayla Herrington is a wedding photographer who has seen quite a few weddings called off and she says there are some recurring signs she's noticed during engagement shoots that may indicate a break-up is in a couple's future.

Herrington, who has been a wedding photographer for five years and is based in Arkansas, posted a TikTok video about the topic in which she shares three signs that may indicate an engaged couple won't make it to their wedding day.

"Keep in mind this is not the Bible, this is just my opinion based off of analyzing my observations and in no way do I want any couple to end up splitting before their wedding," she said in the video.

According to Herrington, the first sign is constant fighting.

"I've shot a handful of engagement sessions where the smallest things would trigger the couple into fighting. I'm not necessarily referencing a small disagreement like on what to wear but much bigger things," she noted.

The second sign is an unreliable or unresponsive couple, which she says shows her they may have "cold feet" or they "know that the wedding's not going to happen."

Herrington's third sign is when a couple shows a lack of respect for the other person.

"I see this usually in a few different ways but the most common is usually interrupting the other person, speaking over them, kind of belittling them."


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During an interview with Narcity, Herrington added a couple more signs on top of what she said in her video.

The wedding photographer says when a couple is more focused on what's happening rather than themselves, that could be a red flag.

She emphasizes that she doesn't mean a bride who wants control over certain things because they have big dreams about their wedding day.

"I think that's quite normal. Then you have the people who maybe didn't care that much about the wedding, but it's a distraction for them from the reality of their relationship," she explained.

"So they put so much focus and effort into it and they're the ones that are probably more prone to breaking down if something doesn't go the way that it's supposed to."

Lastly, Herrington says another indicator of a relationship that could be on its last legs is when the chemistry is off.

"One person wants to do one pose, the other person is not for it and you can tell it's making one person upset at the other person."

While these signs aren't a definite indicator that a couple is headed for a breakup, the majority of people in the comments section of Herrington's TikTok video seem to agree with what she's saying!

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