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wedding season

Most brides have an expectation of what they want their big day to look like, including the look of the wedding party.

However, one bride is being roasted online for demanding a bit too much when it comes to one of her bridesmaid's hair and the reason is that it costs too much.

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There are plenty of unwritten rules at a wedding, but trying to outshine the bride as a guest might be the biggest no-no of all.

One man says he’s found himself in the impossible situation of trying to talk his wife out of re-using her wedding dress for a relative’s wedding, and the debate is getting more complicated than you might expect.

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Weddings can be stressful and filled with rules like "everyone has to wear maroon," but how would you react if the bride demanded that you "fix" your hair for her pictures?

That's what happened with a bride-to-be on Reddit, who turned to the popular "Am I The Asshole" forum to find out if it's OK for her to tell her sister to change her hairstyle.

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What screams "love" more than a fresh cinnamon roll from Cinnabon? Well, that might just be getting married at a Cinnabon in your local mall.

39-year-old Andi Larocca and 33-year-old Kate Palumbo, who met on Hinge two years ago, said, "I do" at the altar last week, but it wasn't anything close to traditional. Instead, the couple got married at a Cinnabon in the Dufferin Mall, and wow, their cake looked delicious.

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Jennifer Lopez waited two decades after their initial engagement in 2002 to finally marry Ben Affleck, so you can't blame her for wearing more than one wedding dress on her big day.

JLo and Affleck had a grand wedding ceremony for friends and family in Georgia on Saturday, and she just revealed a first look at the "dreamy" dresses she wore for the occasion.

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