A Bride Says Her Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Dress To The Ceremony & TikTokers Are Furious


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The bride's TikTok video. Right: A couple exchanging wedding rings.

The bride's TikTok video. Right: A couple exchanging wedding rings.

It's common sense that you never want to upstage the bride on her wedding day, but what happens if someone shows up dressed like the bride?

A TikToker says it wasn't just anyone, but her own mother-in-law who showed up at her son's ceremony wearing a wedding gown and it's left people reeling online.

The TikToker - whose name is Jasmine Hopper - posted a video online showing a picture of herself on her wedding day with what seems to be the groom and the groom's mom, who is also in a white wedding dress. Hopper put a clown emoji on her mother-in-law to hide her face, but you get the idea.

The video then shifts to a clip of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo giving some side-eye with the caption "my family."


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The video was posted on February 6 and has already racked up over 11 million views.

Some people can't actually believe something like that could ever happen while others are just straight up ticked off at the mother-in-law for doing something like that.

"BE SO FREAKINGGG FOREALLLLL," one person wrote, to which Hopper replied, "I’m the crazy one though right!? 😂."

"Why do mil's do out of pocket things? Like you aren't in competition with your dil, they are different roles," another person wrote.

"WHERE IS THE BEST FRIEND WITH A GLASS OF RED WINE?! OMG!" another person expressed in the comments.

"When I tell you, my mother would have ripped that dress off my MIL with the speed of flash 😂" another TikToker user chimed in.

Some people say they're not only mad at the groom's mom, but at the bridal shop who sold her the dress.

"I am mad at the bridal consultant who sold a MOTHER IN LAW a bridal gown! I would have said no unless you bring your DIL in here I’m not selling it," a commenter said.

Others suggested solutions to all the wedding photos that will live on long after the ceremony.

"See now this is when I would have had the photographer edit her dress into a different color in every single photo," one person said.

One TikToker shared that it actually happened to her as well.

"So did mine - her actual wedding dress from years earlier," they wrote, to which Hopper replied, "These MILs are all absolute looney toons. I’m so sorry. I know it still stings to think about."

Based on all the reaction it's safe to say no one was on the mom's side and that it will be a while before Hopper gets over it.

Hopefully one day they can laugh about it over a family dinner!

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Associate Editor, Global
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