A Bride Won't Postpone Her Wedding Day For Her Sister's Childbirth & The Reason Is Shocking

"AITA for making my mom choose between my wedding and my sister's first child birth?"

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A bride and groom at a wedding. Right: A woman holding a newborn.

A bride and groom at a wedding. Right: A woman holding a newborn.

Weddings and childbirth are significant life events. But what happens when the family has to choose whether to attend one or the other? One bride in that exact situation says her mom is being forced to make an "impossible" decision between attending one daughter's upcoming nuptials, which has been planned for a year, or another daughter's first childbirth.

The bride, Reddit user u/Training_Spring1659, recently took to the AITA subreddit to ask if she was in the wrong for refusing pleas from her family to postpone her July wedding by a month because her sister's due date is July 17th and she wants her mom with her the entire month. The mom called the bride early last week—just two months before the wedding — asking her to postpone the event. The Redditor said a few of her aunts made the same plea as well.

Other than the fact that the bride has had her special day planned for a year, the reason for making her mom choose instead of postponing might shock you.

"Long story short, the father of her child is my ex-boyfriend—whom she was sleeping with while we were dating. So we don't have a relationship with one another," the Redditor explains in the post. "I'm not willing to postpone my wedding for my sister, and I told my mother that and also that she just simply needed to choose who she wanted to support."

Over 900 users have commented on the thread, with most of them saying the bride isn't the a**hole in the situation.

A part of the Reddit thread about postponing the wedding.A part of the Reddit thread about postponing the wedding.r/AmItheAsshole

One user particularly gave what users are calling the "perfect response" the bride could give to the mother.

"Your wedding is on a particular date. She can either make it or not. You have a venue and vendors and your spouse's entire side lined up," a user wrote in a comment that received 14.7k votes. "I'd let your mother know that everything has been booked for a long time. Be very, very, very nice. Tell her you are so sorry that the dates don't work for her and will be happy to show her pictures when she's able."

The bride added that her mom is still "fence-sitting" and calling the decision "impossible" for having to choose between two daughters during two important life events.

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