A Groom's Mom Broke The 'No Speeches' Rule At A Wedding & The Bride's Getting Divorce Advice

"Your husband showed you who he actually prioritizes and it isn’t you."

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People cheering a couple on their wedding day. Right: A wedding toast with drinks.

People cheering a couple on their wedding day. Right: A wedding toast with drinks.

A bride and a mother-in-law butting heads on a wedding day sound like a tale as old as time, but one recent incident has people questioning whether a pair of newlyweds should stay together.

In this fairytale gone wrong, a recent bride said her wishes for a wedding without speeches were completely ignored by her new mother-in-law, and now the new wife is getting all types of responses from Redditors, ranging from divorce advice to criticizing her response to the speech.

The newlywed u/Character-Cow2577 aired out the wedding etiquette drama and asked the a**hole aficionados on the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit if she was in the wrong for refusing to listen to her husband's mom's speech during her wedding reception.

For context, the Redditor said she thinks wedding speeches are excruciatingly boring, so the couple outright told their guests, which were a small group of close loved ones, that they wished for no speeches. All went swimmingly well until the reception.

"Dinner came and (my mother-in-law) stood up and started by saying 'I know we are forbidden to make speeches by the bride but this is my only son getting married so I will say what I want to,'" the bride wrote in her post. "I didn't hear the rest because I was seeing red. My sisters and bride's maids were shocked. I pretended like she wasn't talking and continued my conversation with my girls."

Well, the fact that the bride ignored her mother-in-law's speech didn't go over well with the groom's family who were "furious" and "sulking" the night away; she said her angry husband even refused to look at her the rest of their wedding.

The hubby believes the bride was wrong for talking over his mom's speech, and that she "disrespected and humiliated" her, but, remember, the couple requested no speeches in the first place.

The post has piled up over 3,200 comments about who was in the wrong, and opinions seem split.

There are users who think the bride was justified in ignoring her mother-in-law, that the bride's wishes weren't respected, and they rather offer her annulment advice for leaving her husband.

"Your husband showed you who he actually prioritizes and it isn’t you," one Reddit user wrote, receiving 9,000 votes. "You are [not the a**hole] right now, but you’ll be an a** to yourself if you lock yourself to being second place to this emotionally stunted family."

That same user also suggested that it's "early enough to get it annulled (divorced, whichever)."

Others think "everyone sucks here" in the situation.

A part of the wedding speech Reddit thread.A part of the wedding speech Reddit thread.r/AmItheAsshole

"Divorce is expensive and an unhappy marriage will ruin your life," wrote another user. "There are many ways to set boundaries that don't include burning tens of bridges at once."

However, there are some who see it very differently and took the groom's side in the whole mess.

"It's incomprehensible to me that you would be this rude to your future MIL on your wedding day. I get wanting to be in charge of your big day and it being all about you and what you want but there are some things that simply aren't done," one user commented.

"If she wasn't actively saying insulting things and was trying to give her best wishes, why would do this?"

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