A Wedding Planner Fired A Homophobic Bride & She's Getting Praised For How She Handled It

It was six months before the big day.

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Laura in her TikTok. Right: A photographer taking pictures of a bride and groom.

Laura in her TikTok. Right: A photographer taking pictures of a bride and groom.

You often hear about brides firing their wedding planners for whatever reasons, but what about it happening the other way around?

That situation recently took place for a wedding planner who says she fired a bride because she believed her to be homophobic, and TikTokers are loving how she dealt with it.

Virtual wedding planner Laura Fragoso Hiller (@laurafragosohiller) shared her situation with TikTok, explaining that she stopped working with an Atlanta, GA, area bride six months before the event was planned because the woman did not want an same-sex couple to photograph it.


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Hiller says she had researched local photographers who had the same aesthetic the bride wished for and found one to be "the perfect" option. However, the bride quickly let her planner know she was not happy with the suggestion after she had a phone call with the photographer.

"She calls me today, pretty pissed off, and says, 'we need to find a different photographer,'" Hiller said. "She's like, ‘well, his portfolio is great, but his second shooter is his husband.'"

Hiller said she was confused, thinking perhaps they were simply rude to the bride, but the bride went on to tell the planner her decision was because the photographers are a same-sex couple, which "goes against her values" and is "inappropriate" for a family event, according to her.

So, instead of helping the bride find a new photographer, Hiller decided to cut ties with her, and TikTokers loved how she handled the "homophobic" situation. In less than a day, the clip received 1.2 million views and over 3K comments.

A part of the viral TikTok's comment section.A part of the viral TikTok's comment section.laurafragosohiller | TikTok

"I love that you did this. She’ll always remember this, and, hopefully, one day she’ll see his work and regret it," one user wrote.

Some 2SLGBTQiA+ people are also thanking Hiller for the allyship she showed..

"As a lesbian trying to get married in SC over a decade ago, I knew what it was like being turned away," a person commented. "Nice to see it on the other foot."

If you or someone you know is struggling with harassment or discrimination related to gender identity or sexual orientation, please reach out to a trusted peer, parent or health care professional or refer to these resources available across the U.S. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. Support is available.

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Texas Staff Writer
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