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This TikToker Is Calling Out Her 'Toxic' Date After They Admitted To Googling Her Meds

They said mental illness is a "turnoff." 😳

Global Staff Writer
The TikToker. Right: Medical prescriptions.

The TikToker. Right: Medical prescriptions.

Imagine getting told your mental illness is a "turnoff" by the person you're seeing.

That's what happened to this TikToker, who exposed the offensive comments online in a now-viral post, sparking a larger conversation about boundaries and mental health.

The TikToker, known only as Chloe in her bio, posted a screen recording of a text exchange with the person she was dating, where they admit to looking up the medication left on her sink.

"Hey not to be rude, and this is super awkward of me… the other night was fun, but I googled those tablets you left on your bathroom sink (super invasive of me, I know)," the person wrote.

"It says they were antipsychotics… you're not mentally ill, are you? Just a turn-off, and I wouldn't want to go further if so," they added.


Not even a good morning😭... #foryoupage #foryou #mentalillness #antiphyscotic #toxic

Since posting the video four days ago, it has already amassed 6 million views and has evoked quite a strong response by fellow TikTok users.

The TikToker even joked about the situation and captioned the video, "Not even a good morning."

Some commenters showed their support by poking fun at the person's apparent lack of boundaries. "Tell him you only have a few more hours until you transform," one user wrote, followed by a wolf emoji.

"I'm sorry but also glad you saw this person's true face earlier," another user commented.

Others called to destigmatize conversations around mental health and medication.

"The pills I used to take for seizures are one of the most common bipolar pills. Like suuure, I'm mentally ill too but are we really assuming diagnoses?" someone wrote.

TikTok sensation The J Family, who has 4.5M followers on the app, even chimed in on the issue and encouraged her to respond with the following message: "Yes, that was super invasive of you. You will definitely not be allowed to go further."

Meanwhile, the most popular comment under her video, with 151.5K likes, echoed one line of the person's message, saying, "Super invasive of me, I know! yes!"

The TikToker has made plenty of other videos about mental illness and is super transparent about her dating life as well.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or mental health concerns, please reach out to a trusted peer, parent or health care professional. You can also contact the Crisis Services Canada helpline, which is available 24 hours a day to talk or consult additional resources. If you need immediate assistance please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. Support is available.

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