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Coyotes Are Approaching Humans Again In Ottawa & Police Say They’re ‘Unpredictable’

If you’re exploring O-Town’s parks and woods, watch out for big canines! Police are urging locals to be vigilant after two coyotes were spotted in Ottawa "precariously approaching a person on foot."

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Police are asking residents in the Barrhaven region of the City to be on the lookout for large furry canines, after two coyotes got too-close-for-comfort to a walker.

Officers confirmed that the animals had been spotted near Ken Ross Park, in the Longfields Drive and Chianti Grove region.

Officials reminded residents that coyotes often hang out in Ottawa’s wooded areas and parks, and are known to be unpredictable at times. They have previously preyed on “domestic pets or even isolated pedestrians,” police explained. 

Earlier this summer, multiple people were stalked and attacked by coyotes. The situation became so serious that police were actually forced to take down one animal.

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Via CTV News

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