Weeks after Ontario introduced paid sick leave for COVID-19, another province has rolled out its own plan and it includes two more days off.

The Government of Manitoba announced its own program to provide paid time off for people who have to miss work for reasons related to COVID-19 in a press conference on May 7.

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Like Ontario's, the Manitoba Pandemic Sick Leave program will provide private-sector full-time and part-time workers who don't currently get paid leave from their employers with a few days off for COVID-19 testing, vaccination, isolating due to symptoms, or caring for a loved one for any of those reasons.

Both provinces currently have the programs in place until September 25, 2021, but there are some other differences between them.

While Ontario is giving workers three paid days off, Manitoba is offering them five days off. However, despite the difference in length, both provinces' programs offer a total of up to $600 for employees.