Have you ever wanted to star in your own movie? This Ontario house for sale will have you feeling like you're stuck inside your own personal fairytale. The place offers all the opportunities to make your life picturesque without leaving your backyard. 

Located in Barry's Bay, Ontario, you would be living the park life to the fullest, as the house is just outside of Algonquin Park

But you won't need to go all the way to the grounds to get a slice of wilderness.

Your own backyard has got a pond full of trout and is a little piece of secluded paradise. 

The area is surrounded by woodland, and your deck feels like a carved out haven right there in the forest.

Morning coffees while listening to the birds sing would be your daily routine at this enchanting retreat of a home.

Your day has nowhere to go but up after taking in the smell of fresh forest air on your own personal property every day. 

The backyard is landscaped to perfection, with a grass staircase descending toward the pond.

The property is complete with a fire pit. Roasting marshmallows could be a weekly ritual here all year round.

The place even comes with a guest cabin, and the listing says the whole property sleeps 10. 

You can invite your friends to your own little provincial park before heading out to Algonquin for the day. 

Who needs a plane ticket when you have this kind of scenery at hand?

With an easterly view of the Kashubian Hills and vast space, you can put your mind at ease whenever you're at home. 

The indoors are fantastic as well, boasting 22-inch ceilings, a sunroom, and a built-in loft space. 

If you're looking for something a bit more on the affordable side, you can take a look at some Ontario homes that are selling for under $50K. 

Garden Home

Price: $1,269,900

Address: 9 Curtiss Rd., Barry's Bay, ON

Description: You will feel like you're living in a framed picture in the backyard of this Ontario mansion.

View Here


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