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While the San Francisco 49ers came close to competing in the Super Bowl 2023, one NFL wife is spilling the behind-the-scenes tea. Sydney Warner, married to 49ers Linebacker Fred Warner, did a "GRWM" on TikTok and people are shocked to hear what goes down.

She made part one and part two on February 4 and 5, respectively, and included a disclaimer that the information is specific to the San Francisco organization.

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During Saturday's game, Warriors superstar, Steph Curry, and his daughter had a heartwarming moment that you have to see. As the team was battling the Dallas Mavericks in Oakland, Curry ran over to his daughter, Riley, and the two did something pretty adorable. If you haven't seen the Steph Curry handshake yet, get ready to grab some tissues. This dad moment with his 7-year-old daughter is too cute to get over. 

Stephen Curry hasn't played a game in months, but he is still making us smile. This special moment with his daughter shows why everyone loves Steph. 

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As the San Francisco 49ers are making headlines this year thanks to their play on the football field, their new anthem is gaining them even more publicity. The E-40 music video for Niners Gang was just released Wednesday and it's all the hype. Produced by Droop-E, the tune already has over 180,000 views on YouTube.

The song first dropped on November 6th, but the official track and music video came out and it sums up the hype of the NFL team. 

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