49ers Fred Warner's Wife Sydney Is Revealing Behind-The-Scenes Tea About The NFL On TikTok

Not everything is free for family and friends.

Sydney Warner spilling the NFL tea. Right: Sydney Warner in a red jacket.
Florida Associate Editor

Sydney Warner spilling the NFL tea. Right: Sydney Warner in a red jacket.

While the San Francisco 49ers came close to competing in the Super Bowl 2023, one NFL wife is spilling the behind-the-scenes tea. Sydney Warner, married to 49ers Linebacker Fred Warner, did a "GRWM" on TikTok and people are shocked to hear what goes down.

She made part one and part two on February 4 and 5, respectively, and included a disclaimer that the information is specific to the San Francisco organization.

However, Juwan Johnson from the New Orleans Saints and his wife Channen Johnson commented on her video from a joint account that they "love this," so it might be safe to say there are similarities between NFL organizations.


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First, she notes that tickets are not free for friends and family. They are just discounted. Except when it comes to Super Bowl, as she revealed in part two.

However, those tickets are in the nosebleeds, so they get to re-sell them if they don't make it to the big game. The team will also charter them on a plane for the Super Bowl only.

She also said that when the NFL wives and girlfriends are on the field to say "hello" to their significant other, they have to apply and get pre-approved to be on the sidelines every single game.

As far as family goes, the 49ers have a daycare for infants around 6-8 months old so mothers can drop off their children and pick them up during the fourth quarter.

When the games are over, the athletes immediately get the footage uploaded to their iPads so they can watch it when they get home. The next day, they are back at the facility for a maintenance day when the team gets their "bodywork" done.


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In part two, she revealed that teammates have to be in bed by 10:30 p.m. if they are staying at a hotel for a game. Some athletes get a microphone in their helmets during the competition.

She also discussed money matters and said that when players get drafted, they take courses about financial management, gambling, and investing. They receive a retirement check from the NFL when they're in their 50s or 60s.

Lastly, in both videos, she raved about the food. She said the team has a personal chef...and she sometimes begs Warner to sneak some home for her because it's so tasty.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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