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One Of The Producers Of 'Schitt’s Creek' Is Now Toronto Film School’s President

Andrew Barnsley wants to see TFS students "on the sets of every major production in Canada."

Courtesy of Andrew Barnsley, Courtesy of Toronto Film School

Over the years, Schitt's Creek has become an iconic show, both internationally and within Canada.

Known for its amazing character development, witty one-liners, cultural and sexual inclusivity and relationship-building, Schitt's Creek is definitely a show worthy of love — and one that Canadians can especially be proud of.

It was just last year when Schitt's Creek took home nine Emmy awards, breaking a record for the most wins in a season under the comedy category and surprising no one in the process. But what you might not know is that Andrew Barnsley, one of the executive producers of Schitt's Creek, is the new president of Toronto Film School.

Aside from Schitt's Creek, you may know Andrew from his other award-winning endeavours, including Jann and Spun Out. He served as executive producer in residence for four years at Toronto Film School, and will continue his role of CEO at Project 10 Productions. With his successful career in the Canadian film and TV industry and his passion for education, Andrew is excited to take up his post as President.

"I'm honoured to now lead Toronto Film School, mentor students, support a broad range of creative voices, and shape curriculum alongside the school's world-class staff and faculty," he told Narcity.

"I'm a big believer in post-secondary education, that cultural change begins in the classroom, and that meaningful and relevant instruction builds confidence in students to make their mark on the world."

Andrew's vision for Toronto Film School is to produce industry-ready graduates, set for their careers beyond the classroom. By bringing "the industry to school, and the school to the industry," he hopes to provide every student with meaningful instruction that builds confidence.

"My dream is to see Toronto Film School students on the sets of every major production in Canada," said Andrew. "It's not always an easy industry so I want to foster purpose, resiliency, and confidence in our students."

Courtesy of Toronto Film School

Right now, the Canadian film and TV industry contributes $9 billion to the economy and directly supports 179,000 full-time jobs. But in order to grow, it needs a highly skilled and talented workforce.

"Toronto Film School graduates will not only be 'set-ready' but 'industry-ready,'" said Andrew. "Confident that they have mastered their craft and gained important insights into an industry that is fast-paced, exciting, and demanding."

By taking on the role of President of Toronto Film School, Andrew is expected to bring transformational change, elevating both the school and the Canadian film and television industry to new heights.

To learn more about Andrew Barnsley joining Toronto Film School as president, head to their website. You can also follow Toronto Film School on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.