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You Can Try Sweet & Savory Cheesy Boba Toast At This Hidden Cafe Near Seattle

Boba cheese toastie? Whoa.
Meetea In Washington Sells Gooey Boba Cheese Toast

Boba is having a moment right now, but have you ever heard of Boba cheese toast? What about red bean toast? Or Taro Ball Milk Bowls? Well, Meetea in Washington, has a full menu of treats like boba teas, lattes, and taro desserts for anyone obsessed with those delicious little tapioca balls.

Meetea is about 45 minutes east of the city in Redmond. It has a very robust and exciting menu, especially the boba cheese toast.

Who knew that boba balls and a gooey toastie could be such an excellent combination?

The boba, which is made from Tapioca, a gluten-free starch, is mixed in with a thick-cut of white cheese and two pieces of sourdough bread.

For the texture lovers out there, this snack is through the roof between the softness of the cheese and the chewiness of the boba balls and is only $5 a pop.

Their menu also includes other interesting combinations like cheese and red bean, purple rice, chocolate avocado, homemade taro sauce, and pork floss toast.

If you're craving something sweeter, you can opt for a Taro Ball Milk Bowl. It's made with tapioca pudding, red beans, purple rice, and peanuts.

Get yours topped with an assortment of items like grass or coconut jelly, or if you're brave, try it with purple sweet potato! 

If you're looking for a caffeinated drink, you can try some of their lattes.

Think sweet potato, chocolate ginger, black sugar ginger, and even some with red beans and purple rice in them.  

If you're looking for something even sweeter, they have slushies with flavors like watermelon and mango with a "cheese creama" on the top. 

All of these are just the icing on the cake with their amazing boba tea selections, and you can get a quick fix only by stopping by.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet and savory craving, this spot has you covered. 

Good luck on making a decision, the menu looks so delicious.

Meetea Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Bubble tea

Address: 16180 N.E. 80th St. #100, Redmond, WA

Why You Need To Go: Meetea has all kinds of exciting desserts and snacks like boba and cheese toasts to Taro Ball Milk Bowls.


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