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Being a foodie can be considered a lifestyle. A recent study published by Wallethub this Monday has made things easier for food and drink lovers after ranking hundreds of U.S. cities among the best and cheapest places for connoisseurs.

This particular hobby consists of trying and discovering unique dishes and flavors wherever possible. This includes restaurants, bars, and even a person’s own kitchen.

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If dinner with a view is right up your alley, this restaurant has some fantastic sights from its tables.

The Attic at Salish Lodge in Washington sits right by Snoqualmie Falls, and its tables overlook the stunning waterfall.

You can enjoy your meal and bask in the tranquility of the cascades. 

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Sometimes it can be hard to satisfy a sweet tooth, especially when you're craving something other than ice cream or a candy bar. For a giant dessert that won't leave you hungry, Milkie Milkie in Seattle dishes up ginormous plates of Bingsoo (shaved ice). These bowls are stacked high and come in tons of delicious flavors.

Milkie Milkie is a Korean restaurant specializing in desserts.

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There's nothing quite like a soft, fresh, and fried pastry. Jet City Beignet in Seattle will transport your taste buds straight down to the French Quarter of New Orleans. Beignets in the city can be kind of hard to come by, especially a single location that just serves them up so you can imagine the excitement when this spot moved into town!

It opened in West Seattle earlier this year; Jet City Beignet is the brainchild of a local couple Greg and Tiffany, who decided that they wanted to take their love of New Orleans cuisine and bring it to the mouths of Seattleites

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There are tons of hidden gems all over the city, but one place that is often overlooked is the eateries inside the Amazon Spheres. Willmott's Ghost in Seattle is an Italian hot spot that sits inside the greenhouse-like structure. It has yummy food, drinks, and an even better ambiance.

Willmott's Ghost is an Italian eatery that focuses on cuisine coming out of Rome.

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