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You Can Get Mountains Of Dessert At This Korean Cafe In Seattle

The bowls come stacked high!😋
You Can Get Mountains Of Dessert At This Korean Cafe In Seattle

Sometimes it can be hard to satisfy a sweet tooth, especially when you're craving something other than ice cream or a candy bar. For a giant dessert that won't leave you hungry, Milkie Milkie in Seattle dishes up ginormous plates of Bingsoo (shaved ice). These bowls are stacked high and come in tons of delicious flavors.

Milkie Milkie is a Korean restaurant specializing in desserts.

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They also offer traditional Korean street foods and some incredibly unique toasts if you want to pair your sweet treat with something savory. 

Their show-stopper is their Bingsoo. This dessert is Korean special blend shaved ice and is topped with a whole host of yummy items. 

From hot lava with a chocolate lava cake on top to mango cheesecake, there are tons of options to choose from.

There's also taro, black sesame, and green tea flavors for a more traditional take on these classics.  

The treats range in price from $10.95 to $13.95, depending on which flavor you choose. 

They come with a huge variety of toppings and a drizzle of condensed milk to sweeten it up a little more.

They might look daunting, but shaved ice is super light and airy, so eating one by yourself might not be as wild as it may seem. 

Plus, it would be incredibly hard to agree on a flavor with someone else. 

Their super yummy toasts make for a perfect snack, too.

These colorful and giant desserts are sure to tantalize your sweet tooth!

How will you choose which flavor to indulge in? 

Milkie Milkie Dessert Bar 

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Korean

Address:519 6th Ave. S. #110, Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: This spot dishes up mountains of dessert that are too sweet and colorful to pass up! 


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