This Hidden Temple In The Woods Of Washington Is Like Walking Through Roman Ruins

There's a giant stone table too.
McMillin Family Mausoleum In Washington Is The Coolest And Creepiest Hidden Crypt

Sometimes getting lost in the woods isn't a bad thing; you can find some pretty amazing things. 

The McMillin Family Mausoleum in Washington is a massive structure in the woods that seems like it belongs in ancient Rome.

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The building is a huge crypt on San Juan Island, seemingly placed in the middle of the woods.

It's more colloquially known as the "Afterglow Vista." 

This hidden mausoleum is beautiful and spooky, especially in the fall

You can find it near Roche Harbor, just take a short hike north into the woods past the Roche Harbor Cemetery, according to the Seattle Times.

There's a giant stone table at the center too that gives off major Camelot vibes.

Head into the unknown and see if you can find this place for yourself!

McMillin Family Mausoleum

Price: Free

Address: 664 Afterglow Dr., Friday Harbor, WA

Why You Need To Go: This huge structure in the woods feels like you've stumbled into ancient Rome!

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