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Seattle's Pike Place Market Dims Public Sign To Read 'BLM' For Juneteenth (PHOTOS)

And it will stay dark through the weekend.
Seattle's Pike Place Market Dims Lights For Juneteenth To Read 'BLM' (PHOTOS)

Last night in honor of recent events, Seattle's Pike Place Market dimmed the lights of their iconic "Public Market" sign to read "BLM." It's to show solidarity and support of Juneteenth, a historic day in the abolition of U.S. slavery. This isn't the first time an iconic landmark has dimmed its lights for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Space Needle went dark earlier this month.

"Today, the Pike Place Market honors Juneteenth in our continued support of Black Lives Matter. For the first time, we are turning off our iconic Public Market Center Clock sign tonight to illuminate only B-L-M.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣The main lights will remain off through the weekend," read the social media post.

Pike Place posted the photo on Instagram this afternoon, June 19, 2020, to let the community know that they will leave the lights dim throughout the weekend.

The iconic market has been a Seattle staple and a historical trading ground for farmers and merchants since 1907, and prides itself on the diversity of the market community.

"The Market exists because of the generations of people who made, and who continue to make, Pike Place the soul of our city," wrote the Pike Place Market Foundation in a statement from June 3.

Posts of the market being dimmed started circulating social media in the early hours this morning as more and more users shared the news.

Other Juneteenth events are happening all over the city, including a "blackout" at Capitol Hills' CHOP until 8 p.m. tonight.

Community members of CHOP have organized a series of events "focused on Black healing and community," reported King 5 News.

Seattle's Judkins Park will also have supporting events called the "Juneteenth Next Steps Rally."

"We know our community suffers when anyone lives in fear of violence and injustice, and we need to do better, especially by the people of color in our country," further read the Pike Place statement.

Nothing says community solidarity like a historical Seattle landmark displaying its support. 

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