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Washington State Is Giving Out Free Joints To People Who Get A COVID-19 Vaccine

But only if you get a dose at a cannabis retailer's in-store vaccine clinic.

There are plenty of vaccine incentives being offered around the world in order to get doses into people's arms, and Washington state's latest perk program is good for anybody who's a fan of going green.

From June 7 to July 12, state-licensed cannabis retailers in Washington can get a temporary allowance to provide one free joint to adults who get a first or second dose at an in-store COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

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No, Those Were Not Meteors Streaking Through The Seattle Sky Last Night (VIDEO)

Some locals thought it was aliens. 👽🚀

Those in the Seattle area were treated to a spectacle last night as what looked like meteors streaked through the night sky.

But it wasn't meteors or aliens they were watching; instead, it was debris from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that had launched earlier this month.

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You Can Watch The Northern Lights Dance Over Washington Skies Tonight (PHOTO)

Keep your eyes on the sky!🌌

A magical Aurora Borealis will light up the Pacific Northwest today, and it's all thanks to the Geomagnetic Storm brewing. 

The Northern Lights over Washington tonight will be a dazzling display, especially if you're able to escape the city to an ultra-dark spot. 

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A Team Of Washington Firefighters Are Going Viral After Daring Horse Rescue (PHOTO)

It was a team effort!

A daring performance went underway on September 19, after Washington firefighters rescued a horse who was found stuck in a deep, muddy ditch. 

Snohomish County Fire District 19 took to Facebook to share the shocking ordeal, which saw a 10-year-old horse named Ole almost completely submerged in mud. 

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Seattle Space Needle Spreads COVID-19 Awareness The Best Way They Know How


To raise awareness of the importance of face-coverings, the Seattle Space Needle did so in the best way they know how —and it's in the form of a "mask up" flag.

On Friday, July 10, King County Executive Dow Constantine was the one to raise the 20-foot-by-30-foot flag as a reminder to Washingtonians of all ages "mask up" and do their part.

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Seattle's Pike Place Market Dims Public Sign To Read 'BLM' For Juneteenth (PHOTOS)

And it will stay dark through the weekend.

Last night in honor of recent events, Seattle's Pike Place Market dimmed the lights of their iconic "Public Market" sign to read "BLM." It's to show solidarity and support of Juneteenth, a historic day in the abolition of U.S. slavery. This isn't the first time an iconic landmark has dimmed its lights for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Space Needle went dark earlier this month.

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