To raise awareness of the importance of face-coverings, the Seattle Space Needle did so in the best way they know how —and it's in the form of a "mask up" flag.

On Friday, July 10, King County Executive Dow Constantine was the one to raise the 20-foot-by-30-foot flag as a reminder to Washingtonians of all ages "mask up" and do their part.

As Washington continues to reopen, King County recognizes the role of all people and businesses have in keeping one another safe.

Space Needle

The state's case numbers have been slowly and steadily growing, so King County has made some adjustments to combat the rise.

Just lask week, Governor Inslee mandated face coverings in all businesses, granting owners the right to not serve anyone without a mask.

More and more businesses are jumping on an advertisement plan to help spread awareness of wearing masks.

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