Tons Of UFOs Have Been Spotted In California & The Stories Are Super Strange

This is really creepy.
UFO Sightings In California Include Super Strange Eye Witness Accounts

Was it a shooting star you spotted the other day? Or perhaps, something a bit more sinister? The Golden State is no stranger to the paranormal so much so that there have been a ton of UFO sightings in California this month.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has been in operation since 1974, with claims to be "the web's most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source."

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So far, the NUFORC has had a busy July with 399 reported sightings from all over the world. Out of that amount, 32 have been recorded throughout all of California. 

With claims of seeing circular objects, orbs, and balls of light, there's no shortage of super strange stories they have documented.

On July 2, in Long Beach, one report saw, "A fuzzy or hazy looking white light came from the west going east. Going very fast," and suddenly, it disappeared without a sound.

However, one of the strangest statements of July occurred at an L.A. beach, "We are looking out into the ocean and out of no where this thing appears and we're watching it as it gets closer and closer."

It went on to say that "There is NO sound and it got so close we thought it was going to land in front of us on the beach but ended up disappearing behind a mountain."

According to a recent ABC News article, California is one of the top states with the most UFO sightings.

In Midway City, someone described seeing a fast-moving object in the sky as they were walking their dog early in the morning. 

"I got a few seconds of the object in the air, and it went through some dark clouds. I kept my eyes and camera in the location and noticed something black descending coming out of the clouds."

What could it have been?

On July 17, two siblings were northeast of Los Angeles when an orange light "passed by at a super highrate ofspeed across the sky headed towards the beach."

They reported that the angle looked "like it was across the sky not down towards earth."

Anyone else thinking it could have been an Autobot?

There's no telling whether the paranormal is real, but all you can do is keep your eyes on the sky — you never know what you're going to see flying about. 

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