A magical Aurora Borealis will light up the Pacific Northwest today, and it's all thanks to the Geomagnetic Storm brewing. 

The Northern Lights over Washington tonight will be a dazzling display, especially if you're able to escape the city to an ultra-dark spot. 

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In a Twitter post, the National Weather Service of Spokane said that you'd need to be "far enough away from city lights & in a safe spot to view it."

The NWS can't predict where the perfect place to watch it will be, so your best bet is to look to the north in a lightless area.  

An incredibly bright moon may make optimal viewing difficult, according to the NWS of Seattle, so plan accordingly. 

This colorful occurrence is "usually green, but it can be other colors too," says the NWS.  

Depending on the altitude, the Borealis can be a variety of hues due to atmospheric compounds.

If you've been aching to see this display in-person, now's your chance!

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