7 Of The Best Perks You Can Get In Canada & The US If You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

Beer, baseball tickets, and a better chance of getting a date. 💉

7 Of The Best Perks You Can Get In Canada & The US If You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
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7 Of The Best Perks You Can Get In Canada & The ...

Not only are there some odd vaccination sites out there, but there are also some unique and interesting vaccination perks as well.

Companies across North America are offering free stuff to people in order to encourage them to get their doses, and some of the treats are certainly enticing.

Whether they're in it for the baseball or the beer, some people are getting more than just protection from COVID-19 with their dose of the vaccine.

Free baseball tickets

Sahlen Field — typically the home of the Buffalo Bisons and the temporary home of the Toronto Blue Jays — is offering a doubly sweet deal. Not only are they offering free vaccinations at the stadium, but you can get a free ticket to a game next year by getting your dose.

One million dollars

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced what's likely the biggest vaccine perk — five prizes of $1 million for five lucky, vaccinated residents. Is it a waste of money? "Truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic -- when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it -- is a life lost to COVID-19," DeWine tweeted.

Free doughnuts for a year

Perhaps one of the earliest and most famous vaccine perks, Krispy Kreme announced anyone with a vaccine card could use it to redeem one free doughnut per day until the end of 2021. The good news? Free doughnuts. The bad news? It's only available at participating stores in the U.S. Maybe next time, Canada.

A free beer

Polarity Brewery in Whitehorse, Yukon, has a deal: you get the shot, they provide the chaser. The brewery is offering a free beer (or at least $6 towards a free beer) if you come in and let them know you've been vaccinated. They must be busy — 75% of residents in the Yukon have had their first vaccine dose, according to officials.

Free tickets to a museum

Kitchener's TheMuseum is another Canadian company offering free stuff for getting vaccinated. Their contribution is free admission in July and August to anyone who gets "JabbedLikeJagger" and wants to check out the Rolling Stones exhibit.

A better chance at going on a date


Several online dating apps are hooking up with the White House in the States to offer perks for their users. Tinder, for instance, lets users add vaccination stickers to their profile and will give them a free super-like as well.

"We have finally found the one thing that makes us all attractive," White House official Andy Slavitt said when announcing the news. "Vaccination."

Free joints

According to AFP via CTV, some New Yorkers were able to celebrate 4/20 this year with "joints for jabs." It looked like it was a popular offering, according to a video of the scene posted to Instagram. "The line goes around the block," the user captioned the post.

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