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This Washington Bar Serves Up The Most Extra Bloody Mary Creations

Talk about the perfect hangover cure.
The Garage Bar & Grill In Bremerton Has The Wildest Bloody Mary Creations

There's nothing quite like a cocktail as the perfect hangover cure. Garage Bar and Grill in Washington serves up the mother of all Bloody Mary's. They have an entire list to try from, but it's the list of toppings that send this boozy beverage into a league of its own.  

The Garage Bar and Grill in Bremerton is the place to go to watch a sports game or just get some down-home comfort food.

Their burger, sandwich, and wrap options are endless, but the true staple is their unreal bloody mary list.

They have 14 different types of bloody's, all the way from "The Basic" to the "BMM" which is $44.

It is a 64-ounce pitcher that essentially has ALL of the bloody mary toppings available on it, but you're looking at a full meal in the form of a drink.

It's topped with wild options like grilled cheese sandwiches on Texas toast, grilled jalapenos, jalapeno poppers, mac and cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, strips of bacon, prawns, and so much more.

You've got the saltiness of the tomato juice to help your aching head and the pickled stuffed olives and beans that'll leave you refreshed and full.

The Southerner, $17, is garnished with drag strip chicken, half a Belgian waffle, waffle sweet potato fries, and loaded with seasonal fruit.

Oh, and you can't forget the side of syrup.  

Then you have Beast Mode Mary, $19, named after Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, which has garnishes like candied bacon, onion rings, hog wild wings, two chicken wings, a bag of skittles, and a pepperoni straw.  

Whether you're looking for some comfort food or are wanting to try one of these Bloody Mary's, make sure to take the ferry ride over to Bremerton, under two hours from Seattle!  

You might just need to get an Uber ride home after trying some of these concoctions! 

The Garage Bar & Grill

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American Comfort Food

Address: 6812 Kitsap Wy., Bremerton, WA. 

Why You Need To Go: Three words: Massive Bloody Mary's.

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