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Eastlake Bar and Grill In Seattle Has Social Distancing Tents That Look Like Greenhouses

This downtown eatery set up social distancing tents and they're actually adorable.

Eastlake Bar and Grill in Seattle wanted to maximize their social distancing precautions by placing plastic tents around some of their patio tables.

We wanted our guests to feel safe, while also offering a comfortable solution to outdoor dining. These tents are open at both ends, allowing fresh air to flow through along with offering a great view of the lake.” 

the owner john schmidt told narcity

The greenhouse-esque enclosed tent only holds two diners at a time, but might just be the most unique date night ever as the enclosure comes with twinkle lights.

The eatery not only made it safer for Seattleites to head out to eat, but they made it look festive and kind of romantic. 

Is this the beginning of a new trend?

Via East Lake Bar & Grill

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